Week Two: Archi-nerd boogaloo

Spots. Dots. Spots. Dots. Strips and blips.
All week, I have been slicing up bits of black and white paper and arranging them to create figure-ground panels, which probably explains why my synapse turned to jelly around 6:30 last evening. It is an exercise that is not so much about the product, but the thoughtfulness with which you progress through to the end. Concisely stating the key concepts of your process is the underlying focus of the project.
Tedium exists elsewhere. For a theory class, we are hand-copying the building plans, sections, elevations, and details of this home by Wheeler Kearns Architects. Replicating the side elevation and section in careful freehand took two hours.
Also, architects have a tendency to paste "ality" or "arity" on the ends of adjectives to describe something in the most pretentious possible way.
Example: A shape that is round has circularity. The corrugation of cardboard is its materiality. If this creeps into my vernacular, slap me until I stop.
And if I hear someone say "for all intensive purposes" another 300 times this week, I might finally crack.

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