Project 2: wallpaper

The first four panels of the series are finished. I started by making an incomplete 3-d model using SketchUp so I could measure proportions and experiment with various methods of deforming, cutting, and subtracting without wasting a big pile of cardboard and foamcore.
Model on left, transparent 4"x4" cube for reference.

Show, don't tell.
The first four panels show the construction of the cube model; first the spine, then the cut-outs and wooden supports. Panels are added in #3, and the completed model is shown in #4. The plans, elevations, and axons are from the same point of view. The sections change on each panel to highlight the constructive 'move' made within the drawing. It took a lot of sketching, head-scratching, and erasing to arrive at this set of rules. I think they effectively show the construction logic.
I'd recommend clicking through and viewing this one in it's original size.

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