Pre pre-final project.

"Less is More."

As a construction exercise, we are building a model of Mies Van Der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion.
This morning's progress:
Barcelona Process
Working between AutoCAD and Vectorworks can be time consuming, but worth the trouble. Fluency in 3D modeling means learning how different programs treat certain conditions.

CAD 3D Final Project

Our task for this final project is unnervingly broad.
"Find a building to modify in some way and model it."
I submitted three proposals, one was accepted.

UNO: MIT Chapel
Consulting my Finnish friend for guidance again. Since I've spent plenty of time this semester analyzing the space and Saarinen's intentions, I propose to synthesize this research into a new building. Here's where it gets tricky.
If I were to submit this as an architectural studio project, I would certainly be accused of arbitrary formalism.
This much would be true. However, the focus of this exercise is to practice modeling techniques. I don't expect the project to do anything other than be a shiny rendering for my portfolio.

DOS: Applying the program of my home to the De Stijl protocols of Gerrit Rietveld's Schroeder house. Essentially, this would mean modeling my house with sliding partitions and intersecting planes.
This was not accepted based on the face that the Schroeder house is:
-More complex than a 10 day beginner project should be
-In every student's portfolio at some point

TRES: I proposed to model Breuer's J. Ford House and add some landscape features that respond to the site and original plans. I was advised against pursuing it because it would be a handful to resolve by next Wednesday. I agree.

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