Architorture Season Premiere

The fall semester has gotten off the ground, and I with it. Three fewer credits equates to about fifteen fewer hours of work each week. Last semester was all about developing a good foundation of skills. This semester seems to be about wishing that foundation went a few meters deeper. Let's break that down, shall we?

Drafting: There's no right way to draft, just a few conventions and a big basket of things that distract your critics from your design intent.

Drawing: It's never going to get easier, but gradually your figures become recognizable as human. As for still life, something in the picture will always look like it is floating. Furniture does not float.

-I haven't cut myself with a utility knife yet, but I keep jamming thumbtacks into my thumbs.

-Nutrition should not come out of a pasta box this time around. We're trying the Paleo Diet instead, and so far results are good.

-In that 15 hour space, we're training for cyclocross. Let's face it, mental strife should be at least tempered with physical torture. It's all about balance.

Keep an eye out for spy photos of this week's top-secret prototype construction.

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