Project 1- The 'wearable'

When you aren't sure how to begin a project, start sketching.
Figuring out what constitutes 'wearable' architecture was a two-week task. From sketches and models, we have created a set of rules:
-It must attach mechanically to the body (duh)
-It must trace or react to the motion of the body part under scrutiny
-It should make a comment about how the human body interacts with objects in space

First off, I am not a fan of figure drawing. After three weeks of doing it every day, I am not a fan of figure drawing.
To get some motion under my fingertips, I loaded a short Capoeira clip into iMovie and advanced it frame by frame. Once I found an interesting set of stills, I traced them from the screen. I like the result.

Next up, we have the wearable itself. I took what I had learned about measuring motion and applied it to the pedal stroke of a bicycle. This is the first version of the wearable device:

The device will attach to the upper and lower parts of the leg, with a hinge at the knee. That piece of black PVC supplies spring tension to the upward pull of the pedal stroke. The hope is that using this device will help a cyclist develop a smooth and even pedal stroke.

Also, we've acquired some new drawing skills that will prove useful in the coming weeks.

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