Final Project

This is how the project developed, sketch models through final design. The order of the images is pretty close to how things happened.
Looking back on our assigned problems, the aim is pretty clear:
Arrange solids and voids in a way that induces a specific experience.
-In the lower level gathering space, natural light and integrated seating encourage social interaction. There are no distractions; the light is tuned so occupants can share experiences at different times of the day.
-The upper level space for solitude is linked by a long series of right angles that take you across the outer wall. At all times, you can see your destination; it is possible to comprehend the entire structure during this journey. Your reward for the trip is a spot that forces you to sit alone and consider the view over the wall and beyond.
This relationship was informed by an idea of integration. As the process lumbered along, I realized that resolving integration and solitude would become the focus of the design. The final form doesn't excite me too much. I have a lot to learn about communicating visually these oddball concepts. I'm quite pleased with the experiences designed into the space. The spaces grew naturally out of a lot of hard work. The most difficult thing to get used to is knowing that your designs are never really finished. Everything can always be improved.
The one thing that is finished? THE SEMESTER.
This is how it feels to be finished with a double-semester courseload:
Click the photo to visit a gallery of ALL the work I've done this semester.
Bring on the fall.

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