resolution (almost)

The system of natural joints that the project requires has been resolved. The black and white drawing shows the layer-by-layer methd of constructing the joint.
There's still the matter of what to join to it. I now have eight 'cassettes' (up from five) that I can slide onto the datum. Each one is a variation of ideas about a space for solitude that:
a) Makes the most of the natural light 'moments' I posted a few weeks back.
b.) Makes an argument about the conflict between solitude and integration.

The organizing principle for this project is 'integration.' To conform to this rule, all spaces and structures should have multiple functions. For example, the south wall of the gathering space is also the walkway that leads to the space for solitude. We are to use three volumes to create a space for solitude, a space for gathering, and a transition space.

Also, a more rigorous light study. This uses daylight arc data for Boston to approximate sun angles and shadow depth during the day. Representing sunlight in this way allows for the light quality to be 'tuned' to suit a range of experiences.
(click to enlarge-highly recommended)


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