form and emptiness

Continuing project 3, I am working out a space for human occupancy. 'Spline' is the organizing principle that is being pushed toward clarity. This week's iterations took a bigger departure from the first arrangement of volumes and forms. I made a bunch of different spaces out of foam and cardboard, and photographed them with a macro lens at scale figure eye level. Examining the photos, you get a better sense of what it would be like to occupy the spaces.
#1-Red guys and blue foam
#2-Blue guys and cardboard stair test
#3-Blue foam and green guys
#4-1/4"=1'0" cardboard model with seated and standing 5'7" figures

Since the cardboard was to be stacked and glued, I also tooled around with Lego Design Studio to experiment with integrating stairs, solids, and voids.

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